Monday, 29 May 2017

What is in a name? - God of Wonders

Names in the bible are significant. e.g. David means, beloved by God and man. And so king David was. Jesus asks who do you say I am? A question to his disciples, but also all of us? He says the father's name is to be hallowed (see the Lord's prayer) and that he and the Father are one. So we should  meditate on the holiness of his names. There are hundreds of names for God. They each provide a rich blessing of description.

One such name is: God of Wonders
The hymn says "God of wonders, beyond our galaxy, You are holy." It is worth thinking on any wonders, however seemingly small, that we are blessed with in life. God operates in both the magnificent out of the ordinary (e.g. Acts 2:19) and in the   everyday. This God of resurrection wonder (Eph 1:20) not only raised Christ, but daily raises up those in need. His blessings are new every morning. He not only is a creative life giver at the beginning (Is 44:24), but continues to be now. He promises that all things can be made new (Is 42:9) and all creation is groaning like a woman in birth pains for it. He and His kingdom are coming little by little, wonder, by wonder for he is the God of wonders and is truly wonderful.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Fight for Peace?

Peope say 'We must fight for peace.' But, to fight is to end peace. Peace is not a fight, it is a state of being. 'Peace on earth' and 'the war to end all wars' they say. But, tell the Mothers and Fathers with Daughters and Sons in the ground 'peace on earth.' Tell them that the latest war will some how 'end all wars' rather than create perpetual war like all other wars. After all wars first casualty is the truth. 

- DTH 

Saturday, 27 May 2017

The Still Small Voice

In my travels I have encountered worship styles that are so varied. Lately I have been thinking of the loud nature of much worship in contemporary churches (both preaching and song). Whilst not being opposed to this style I have found that at times it has been draining. It may be my inner introvert or it may simply just be that the season of loud is over for me at this time. Either way it seems that my heart yearns for the calm, the gentle, the peaceful. It reminds me of verses in Kings that speak of Elijah seeking God.

In summary:
The winds came.
God was not in that wind.
The earth shook.
God was not in that shaking.
The fire came.
God was not in that fire.
God was in the still small voice.

- DTH 

A Stand

The lone figure emerges from the mist, his long white beard blows in the wind.
A peculiar sight for guard and prisoners alike. Soon more emerge as the old man advances. 7,14,21...soon a hundred unarmed saints. "What do they want?" "Who are they?" "Are these the followers of Jesus?" "Surely not, or they like others would sing louder as screams echo from death train." "No, no my brother it is them." "Why have they come?" The lone figure pushes gunmen aside. "Can't go in there!" Guards cry. Heeding them not he stands in the midst of the prisoners. Eyes of surprised prisoners, Eyes of dumb struck guards, Eyes of bold congregation standing at the gate."What will he do?" "What can he do?" "Tomorrow to death camp we go." But then...
Lifting up holy book he roars prophetically the words of Ruth 1:16,17. A thunder of applause within and outwith  the gates. Gates that will not prevail.
Guards disband for the Word of the Lord has been spoken. Never again do they return, All because a few made A STAND to save children of the promised land.

- DTH 

Where is He?

The good that happens in our world is the light of God. Those little things we fail to notice. The terrible things are more often than not the powers of darkness waging war with that light. He is in the eyes of those who suffer under the darks tyranny and in every beautiful triumph over that darkness. God manifests himself in our world. We need only open our eyes. Open our eyes and see the light of His radiant grace.

- DTH 

Joy in the morning

"No weapon formed against me shall prosper." This verse is often used in a triumphant way. As if to say "nothing can ever go wrong or hurt us in life, God is with us." However, Hebrews 11 speaks of people literally cut to pieces for the faith. What if the verse actually means come what may in this life, Christ conquered death, we followers are immortal and blessed with eternity. "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning."

Not in thy name

Cruelty and punishment.
They say in thy name.
Do they know what manner of spirit they are of?
Killing and wholesale slaughter.
They say in thy name.
Do they know what manner of spirit they are of?
Not in thy name.
Not in my name.
In theirs.
Not in thy name.

Legions of Hope

We are the legions of hope.
We are his hands and feet.
We are the chosen.
Gifted by Grace,
Gifted to serve.
Called out of darkness,
Called to the light.
Voices in the wilderness,
His voice for the oppressed.
By His grace alone
We are the legions of hope.


Time goes marching on.
Many an empire has come and gone.
Yet we remain.
Watching the ticking clock and the sifting sands of time.
Time goes marching on.
Many a friend has been and gone.
Yet we remain.
Watching the ticking clock and the sifting sands of time.
Time goes marching on.
Many a soul has been lost and won. 
Yet we remain.
Watching the ticking clock and the sifting sands of time.
Time goes marching on.
When our time comes, if we are remembered or not, will the love sown remain as time goes marching on?

The Messiah


The Lamb of God

Your Grace

That Miracle

We Shall Overcome!

God So Loved

Jesus Washes Our Feet

The Peace Testimony

Judas, Peter or Jesus?


A prayer that we would love our neighbours

God's Justice

The Sunrise of His Grace

The Pig of No Compassion

The Sunrise is Coming

Let Your Light Shine


What if following Jesus is about resurrection in a bigger way than people realize. Not just about rising again to new life in the future, though that is part of it. But also about the clash of two kingdoms. The kingdoms of this world bring death, His kingdom brings life. The way of man is death but the way of Christ is life. In a world consumed by violence, from physical to emotional, Jesus teaches against all violence. He goes as far as to say that to hate someone is to commit murder in your heart. He says to love even your enemies. This is in strong contrast to even our modern kingdoms and empires whose leaders threaten one another with nuclear carnage. In effect, these leaders, these blind guides, are saying they are happy to kill millions if they feel like it if it serves the agenda they follow. Happy to plunge the world into more world wars. Sadly many people support them. The heart of man can be truly wicked, but can also be truly redeemed by the Prince of Peace. He can raise hearts from violence and death to peace and new life. His resurrection power is at work turning hate to love, violence to peace, despair to hope. All his followers have a part to play in repenting of all violent thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and encouraging other to do the same. This is a counter culture not the poisonous alliance of church and state. This can only be done with the power of Ressurection, the power of a different kingdom, the power of a different kind of king, the power of Christ in us. "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God." - DTH


There is a song with the lyric "I get knocked down, but I get up again..."
In turn I like the image of a Phoenix rising from the ashes. It makes me think how we Christian's should never accept defeat.
Indeed our Lord has conquered that evil trinity of the world, the flesh and the devil. He made a spectacle of death. His enemies had him marked down as defeated, crushed forever, but he rose again in victory and still rises.
He too encourages us, though storms may rage, to rise from the rubble. To run and not grow weary, to walk and not faint, to mount up on wings like eagles!
So rise up church, roar like a mighty lion! In Christ we have the victory! - DTH


Update: Yes, plain prayers is back! Since my SBLPA preacher profile (attached) was last updated so much has happened. My wife gave birth to baby Ezra. Our beautiful blessing from God. Our friendship with Bristro Craigmillar Parish, Community Church and Central Baptist has grown. They have all blessed us so much. Links community is on an extended break just now so we are less involved there. Due to work and family life the food bank and prayer Pastors for Street Pastors have been put on the back burner for now. But I continue to explore God's calling on my life. One of which is clearly to seek to be a good Father and Husband. Please pray God would help me in this. Work with Redwoods continues as do thoughts about further into the future. Pray that God will continue to use me in Redwoods and show me His way for the future also. Thanks and God bless.

Be Still

Once there was an old man who took his grandson a walk in the countryside. The old man's face was creased with wrinkles. Like the rings inside an ancient log tree, each signified age and wisdom. The man, to the boys surprise stopped suddenly. He was calm, so calm the boy didn't feel it right to interrupt this moment of solititude. "Listen", the old man said. The boy listened. At first he could hear nothing but his own racing thoughts. "Truly listen", the man said sensing the boys difficulty. So he tried again. He closed his eyes, took a breath and opened them again. "I hear it", he whispered. They both fell silent again and listened  to the gentle winds and the birds in the trees, and further a field the beautiful sound of a babbling brook. Then they listened to silence itself. "This my child is real worship." "To Jesus?" "To Jesus." - DTH