Monday, 10 October 2016

Welcome to Plain Prayers

Hi I'm David. I have often been inspired by Plain People, that is Anabaptists, Primitive Quakers and various Radical Reformation groups. These are often also called Peace Churches. The reasons I find them inspirational are various. Two of the main reasons are nonviolent ethics and a true sense of community. I also love that no distinction is made betwen the Social Gospel and the Evangelical Gospel. They are seen as one and the same gospel. Rightly so: 

For true evangelical faith is of such a nature that it cannot lay dormant; but manifests itself in all righteousness and works of love; it dies unto flesh and blood; destroys all forbidden lusts and desires; cordially seeks, serves and fears God; clothes the naked; feeds the hungry; consoles the afflicted; shelters the miserable; aids and consoles all the oppressed; returns good for evil; serves those that injure it; prays for those that persecute it; teaches, admonishes and reproves with the Word of the Lord; seeks that which is lost; binds up that which is wounded; heals that which is diseased and saves that which is sound. The persecution, suffering and anxiety which befalls it for the sake of the truth of the Lord, is to it a glorious joy and consolation.
(Menno Simons)

I love the concept of plain prayers. Plain prayers are simple prayers to our God who is love in the name of His son, Jesus, the Prince of Peace. These prayers are not exclusively for Plain People or Anabaptists but may have themes that those of these paths can relate to in them. Whoever you are and whatever stream of the faith is closest to you I hope you can use these prayers to add a blessing to your life. You will also find the occasional mini-sermon, poem and thought on matters of life and faith here, along with other Christian content. You are most welcome to check these out and share them with others. 

Feel free to post any of your own prayers in the comments section below, praying in Jesus name.

- David Timothy Holdsworth  (DTH)